Laser Level SDG232G Cross with 5 Dots green

Laser level with cross emit and 5 dots green

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* Small size unit and can be hold in hand easily.
* High visibility laser line. full orientations, high stability, handling.
* 5 beams & 1V,1H(cross over the ceiling) , laser lines have a large fan angle (150°) .
* Laser lines & laser dots can be combined or independent for operation.
* Laser line or laser dots blink if the unit is out of the self-leveling range.
* Center locking system to lock the pendulum while in transportation to avoid the vibration.
* In /Outdoor function for option. (working with laser detector).
* Tilting function (turn off the warning when the laser exceed the leveling range by the lock)

* Dot working range: less than 30m;
* Line working range: less than 10m; 30m with detector
* Leveling accuracy: +/-1.5mm @ 5m
* Self-leveling range: 4 degree (+/- 0.5 degree)
* Accuracy of plumb up point: 3mm/10m
* Accuracy of plumb down point: 6mm/10m
* Accuracy of left, right and forward points: 4mm/10m
* Accuracy of cross line: 3mm/10m
* Number od laser dots: five dots
* Number of lase lines: two lines
* Beam direction: vertical line, horizontal line, up dot, down dot, right dot, left dot, back dot
* Laser type: 635nm, laser class II
* Batteries: Alkaline battery AA 3*1.5V
* Operation time: Approx. 7 hours
* Operating temperature: -10°C~+45°C
* Dimensions(HxDxW): 112mm x 64mm x 112mm
* Weight without batteries: 395g
* Tripod thread: 1/4″

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