Laser Level SLE445G green 4V4H1D

laser level green 4V4H1D

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4V4H1D Electronic Auto-leveling Multiline Laser Level(SLE445G)

* Leveling theory: Electronic sensor
* Light source: 635nm diode(down point 650nm)
* Diode power: 20mW
* Output: less than 1mW each, Class II
* Accuracy: +/-1mm/10m(20 sec)
* Leveling: +/-4 degrees
* Structure: 360 degrees turnable with fine adjustment functions
* Power sypply: 3.7V 5400mAh Li-ion
* Hours: in continuous use about 8 hours for all lasers
* Working distance: 20m(80m with detector)
* Dimension: 200mm*130mm(Dia)
* Weight: 1.8kgs

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