Rotary Laser Level Economical SRE205R

Rotary Laser Level Economical SRE205R

Rotary laser level, automaticly and economical

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Rotary laser level SRE205R: Economic Automatic leveling 

* With simple function, excellent design.
* Press the power, SRE205 will quickly levels itself and start rotating at a speed of 600 R. P. M.
* The laser beam will shut off as soon as the instrument is tilted or jarred to prevent false readings.
* Supply with a horizontal plane.
* Without up DOT.
* Manual with dual slope adjustment (Operation through remote control).
* Low battery & out of leveling indicator
* Is able to work with remote control

* Accuracy: Horizontal +/-1.5mm/10m
* Self-leveling range: ± 5°
* Operation rang: Dia. 500m (with detector)
* Laser class: Class II. Output power<1mw
* Remote control: Approx. 20 m
* Operation temperature: -20ºC ~ +50ºC (-4° F~+122° F)
* Power supply: DC 4.8-6V (both 4*AA Ni-MH battery and alkaline battery are available )
* Working time: Approx. 30hr.
* Good Dust and water protection
* Dimension: 190(L)*145(W)*166(H)mm

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