Dual Grade Rotary Laser Level SRE208-2S

Dual Grade Rotary Laser Level, automaticly and precisely

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Dual Grade Rotary Laser Level SRE208-2S: Dual Grade Automatic Leveling

* Digital Gradient Setting rotary laser level: Deviation From The Horizontal Plane Can Set Digitally in X and Y Axes.
* The range is from -8% to +8%
* Sensor-Automatic: Electronic Positioning Motors Controlled by Sensors Make Horizontal Alignment Automatically.
* H. I. (Tilt function) Alert Protection, alarm system In slope mode
* Speed of Rotate Head: 60; 120; 300; 600 R. P. M
* All Settings Are Presented on The Large LC Display.
* Robust Waterproof Housing.
* Automatically Self-Leveling in Both Horizontal and Vertical by Step Motor Control;
* Wide Leveling Range of +/-10% for Fast Setup.
* All Functions Can Be Controlled With The Remote Control From a Distance of up to a Maximum of 70 M.

* Accuracy: ±20″(±1 mm @ 10 m)
* Slope range: ± 8.00%
* Automatic self-leveling range: 5°
* Four head speeds: 60; 120; 300; 600 R. P. M.
* Four scan widths: 10° ; 45° ; 90° ; 180°
* Operation range: Dia500m (with detector)
IR Remote control distance: 20m (Standard remote)
* Power supply: DC 4.8-6V(4 sections sub-C Ni-MH battery)
* Battery pack replaceable(Ni-MH battery pack or Alkaline battery pack, optional)
* Dimension: 160(L) X 160(W)X 185(H)mm

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